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The HCP is a private not-for-profit Foundations officially recognized by the Italian MoH as an Institute of Research and Cure of Scientific Relevance (Istituto di Ricovero e Cura a Carattere scientifico, IRCCS) in the field endocrine/metabolic, cardiovascular, and neurological diseases. The MoH continuously monitors the HCP on both quantitative and qualitative grounds and the classification as IRCCS is revised by the MoH regularly. The HCP is officially recognized by the Regional and National Health System as referenece site for the diagnosis and cure of ALS and other Motor Neuron Diseases. At this HCP, quality and safety policies are regularly monitored at the HCP by specific internal structures and are periodically revised by external audit. A series of procedures ensures the maintenance and renewal of the medical instrumenations and facilities in order to ensure provision of essential medical care in the case of unexpected resoeurce failure. The HCP has internal guidelines and procedures that are designed upon the requirements for clinical certification as indicated by the UNI EN ISO 9001. The HCP has obtained the certification UNI EN ISO 9001 for both clinical and administrative organizations. The responsabilities of staff are recorded in an organization chart that is avilable on the internal website of the HCP. The HCP is organize in multiple clinical and research Centyers in Lombardy and Piedmont and has a total of > 500 beds for acute or rehabilitation care. On average, 2000 patients are admitetd per year to the HCP for neurological diseases. On average the HCPP performs > 500.000 out-patient visits, > 390.000 diagnostic imaging examinations and > 2.5 millions of Lab tests. The Administrative Head and Legal representative of the HCP is Dr. Mario Colombo. Prof. Alberto Zanchetti is the Scientific Director of the HCP: Prof. Vincenzo Silani is Full Professor of Neurology and Director of the Department of Neurology- Stroke Unit and ALS Center at San Luca Hospital, including:
– 12 beds for neurologiacl patiuents
– 4 beds for intensive neurologiac care (Stroke Unit)
– Day hospital for neurological patients
– 8 Ambulatory rooms
– Surgery room for muscle, skin, nerve biopsy
– Neuroscience Laboratory for genetics with direct access to the Illumina paltform, NGS, and tissue culture facilitiesd for iCSPs
– Neuroradiological Unit with TAC, 2T and 3T MRIs
– Neurophysiology service fully equipped
– Neuropsychology Service with Eye Tracking and BCI


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Peripheral Nerve Disease
Motor Neuron Disease
Neuromuscular Junction Defects

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