WP5 Educational Webinar 2 “Practical guide on how to use the Catalogue of services and the IMT”

8 November 2022

In this webinar, Anton Ussi (Operations & Finance Director at EATRIS), together with Agustin Arasanz Duque (Senior Innovation Manager at VHIR/EATRIS), will provide practical guidance for using two important tools for RD researchers, developed within EU-funded projects: ERICA and EJP RD. This webinar is part of the Educational Webinar Series from ERICA’s WP5 Translation and Innovation. It builds on the introductory webinar “Current research services available for the rare diseases community” that was organized in November 2021 (available on the ERICA website Educational Webinar 1 Current research services available for the rare diseases community

Webinar will be interactive with expected active audience involvement. Attendees are invited to visit both resources prior to webinar attendance and use the opportunity for an interactive discussion and a live tutorial. The Catalogue of Services contains a wide range of preclinical, clinical, regulatory and development services provided by the European infrastructures ranging from samples, data & databases, technologies & facilities, models & tools to expertise & advice.
The Innovation Management Toolbox (IMT) is a free-to-use and curated reference library of resources in rare disease translational medicine that will provide investigators with self-help resources specific to their needs.

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