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Bela Melegh, MD, PhD, DSc, graduated at the University of Pecs in 1978; he is professor of medical genetics and pediatrics, head of the Department of Medical Genetics, University of Pecs, Hungary. He got his PhD (1991) and DSc (1999) degrees at Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest. His long-term scientific interest includes the investigation of selected neuromuscular and neurogenetic diseases. His laboratory is a leading molecular diagnostic center in Hungary, which offers also diagnostic platform for several genetic and genomic conditions. He is a co-leader of the national biobank consortium; using the local significant biobank collections his group performs population genetic research also on many rare and common disease entities as well. He is the head of the National Rare Disease Research Coordinating Center. He has National Board Exam qualification in Pediatrics, Laboratory medicine, Clinical Genetics, Laboratory genetics. Dr. Melegh actively involved in the undergraduate and postgraduate training of medical doctors and biologists, was formerly vice-dean of the Faculty of Medicine in one round of service. He is currently the president of Hungarian Society of Human Genetics, he was board member of European Society of Human Genetics (2010-15), president of the Medical Branch of the European Board of Human Genetics, president of the Section of Clinical Genetics of the UEMS (European Union of Medical Specialists), board member of the UDNI (Undiagnosed Disease Network International). Dr. Melegh is co-authored over 300 peer-reviewed research articles and book chapters

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