Rocco Liguori

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Rocco Liguori graduated in 1983 at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Bologna-Italy. He received the specialization degree in Neurology from the University of Bologna in 1988 and the specialization degree in Clinical Neurophysiology from the University of Copenhagen-Denmark in 1991. The main research area focuses on Clinical Neurophysiology and Clinical Neurology and he has published more than 300 scientific papers on this topic mainly in international journals. He is currently Full Professor of Neurology at the University Alma Mater Studiorum of Bologna and Chief of the University Neurologic Unit (Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences, University of Bologna and IRCCS – Institute of Neurological Sciences of Bologna) and he is member of the following scientific societies: European Academy of Neurology, Italian Society of Neurology, Italian Society of Clinical Neurophysiology (SINC), Italian Society of Miopathology (AIM). Elected President SINC directory board 2014-2016 and from june 2016 to june 2018 SINC directory board President. From june 2018: member of AIM directory board.

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