Robert Brunkhorst

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Robert Brunkhorst is responsible for the clinical and research unit for patients with neuromuscular disorders at the department of neurology, University Hospital of the RWTH Aachen. He received his MD from the Goethe University of Frankfurt in 2011 and specialised in Neurology in 2018. Besides his clinical training he conducted basic research on glial biology and sphingolipid metabolism at the Department of Pharmacology, University Hospital Frankfurt. Since 2019, he has been a senior neurologist and head of the neuromuscular group of the University Hospital Aachen. In 2019, he qualified as a university lecturer and received the Venia Legendi for clinical neurology for his thesis on the pathophysiological role of sphingolipids in neurological disorders. His current clinical and research interests include neuromuscular disorders, particularly hereditary and acquired neuro- and myopathies. Dr. Brunkhorst is member of the Neuromuscular Center North Rhine and several national and international scientific societies.

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