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The Collaborative Platform is used to share information relating to EURO-NMD such as agendas, events, minutes and Healthcare Provider Information. It’s important for ERN members to be a part of the platform in order to keep up to date and have access to key documents.

It supports the ERN Board of Member States, the ERN Coordinators and ERNs members in their on-line communication, document management and event organization. Furthermore, the system is easy to navigate and identifies all members of EURO-NMD.

ERN Members who wish to use the Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS) are required to have access to the Collaborative Platform before being authorised as a user on the CPMS. Documents such as the Networking Agreement and Logo Agreement are also available on the platform for Healthcare Professionals to complete.

If you wish to have any information uploaded onto the Collaborative Platform please contact Michael Hails

ERN’s Collaborative Platform

The collaborative platform is restricted to ERN users only.

To request access to the platform users will require an EU Login and to select their Healthcare Provider. Once logged in users are able to search for different platforms they would like to be a member of. An administrator will then grant or reject access onto the particular network.

After access has been granted users will be able to search the Library and Events on the Collaborative Platform and view who is also a member of the network.

Members of the Collaborative Platform are able to upload information relevant to EURO-NMD and view files uploaded by others. A lot of the information shared is helpful in keeping up to date with different events occurring within the ERN such as grant information and updates from the European Commission.

The Platform should not be used for the exchange of patient data (personal or clinical)