Guidelines COVID-19 - Respiratory Therapy Clearing secretions Tutorial for caregivers

The goal of respiratory physiotherapy is to ensure a respiration of good quality allowing thus proper blood oxygenation and release of carbon dioxyde. To this end, one needs to keep:

  • all airways free from any accumulation of mucus generated by over-abundant secretions that the patient cannot expel by himself/herself
  • and secure a good chest ampliation

This document aims at facilitating the clearance of bronchial secretions when performed at home by caregivers. It reviews the manual and instrumental techniques already known by the patient and caregivers as well as the aspiration techniques.

The objective of the document is not to encourage alternative techniques other than those previously recommended by the attending physician and/or the neuromuscular referral center.

Published: 10 April 2020

Link: Download a PDF of these guidelines

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