Cross-border telemedicine: practices and challenges


Sherihane Bensemmane and Rita Baeten

This Working Paper was produced as part of the research agreement (2018-2019) between the European Social Observatory (OSE asbl) and the National Institute for Disability Insurance (NIHDI), financed via article 56 (1) of the law on compulsory health and disability insurance (la loi relative à l’assurance obligatoire soins de santé et indemnités), coordinated on 14 July 1994. The facts and views expressed in this publication are the sole responsibility of the authors.

The OSE Working Paper Series takes the form of three different publications available in English or French. The ‘Research Papers’ are intended to disseminate results of objective research and analysis. The ‘Briefing Papers’ contain readily accessible and regular information on a variety of topics. The ‘Opinion Papers’ consist of concise policy-oriented opinions and recommendations for policymakers.

Published: 14 October 2019
Journal: European Social Observatory, volume 44, pages 1-63


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