Comprehensive morphometric assessment of deltoid muscle development in children: A cross-sectional study


Teresinha Evangelista, Malick Kandji, Emmanuelle Lacene, Anaïs Chanut, Mai Thao Bui, Rudy Marty, Laurent Buffat, Kenneth Knoblauch, Brian B. Rudkin, Norma Beatriz Romero.


Normative values for different morphometric parameters of muscle fibres during paediatric development, i.e. from 0 to 18 years, are currently unavailable. They would be of major importance to accurately evaluate pathological changes and could be used as reference biomarkers for evaluating treatment response in clinical trials, or physiological adjustments in sports or ageing.


Data were derived from 482 images with a total of 33 094 fibres from 10 μm cross-sections of snap-frozen muscle from 83 deltoid muscle biopsies from patients, 0–18 years, without neuromuscular pathology stained with ATPase 9.4. Data was acquired and analysed with patented image analysis algorithms from “”. Several parameters were extracted or calculated, including cross-sectional area (CSA), fibre type, circularity, as well as the Minimum diameter of Feret (MinFeret).

Published: 1 December 2022
Journal: eBioMedicine, volume 86, issue 104367


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