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The Hospital of the Santa Creu I Sant Pau (HSCSP) was founded in 1401; It is a private non-profit Foundation. The HSCSP is a center of high complexity focused in the health care of the Barcelona city center, but extends its action and influence through all Catalonia and the rest of Spain and has remarkable international outreach.

The Unit of Neuromuscular Diseases of HSCSP was set up in 1992 and provides healthcare to all Neuromuscular Diseases It is organised in multidisciplinary teams with wide experience in the diagnosis, treatment and research. We have developed very specific diagnostic tools and we have the facilities and equipment necessary to perform highly specialized intervention in all NMD, particularly in the following areas:

  1. Acquired autoimmune rare diseases from peripheral nerve, neuromuscular junction and muscle (specific immunological test,…)
  2. Rare muscle diseases (Muscle MRI, muscle biopsy…)
  3. ALS (multidisciplinary approach, genetics,….)
  4. Neuromuscular diseases registries (NMD-ES)

HCP representation

Dr Montserrat Olivé Plana

Montse represents the Neuromuscular Disorders Unit, Neurology Service, Hospital Santa Creu i Sant Pau, C/Pare Claret 167, 08025 Barcelona in the Board of EURO-NMD and is the CPMS representative of her centre.


Group membership

Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau participates in the following groups…

Specialised Groups

Muscle diseases
Peripheral Nerve Disease
Motor Neuron Disease
Neuromuscular Junction Defects
Mitochondrial Diseases

Cross Cutting Specialised Groups

Neuromuscular Imaging

Advisory Boards

Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau is registered with the Care and Trial Site Registry

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