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Faculty Hospital Motol is the biggest health care facility in the Czech Republic. It provides basic, specialized and super specialized health care and services in medical fields in the form of outpatinet and in-patient care for children, adults and elderly patients.

HCP representation

Dr Jana Haberlová PhD

  jana.haberlova@fnmotol.cz  |    00420224433301

Jana is a paediatric neurologist based in Department of Paediatric Neurology in University Hospital Motol in Prague, Czech Republic. Jana was trained as an adult neurologist, and has now been working for 18 years as a paediatric neurologist and electrophysiologist.


Group membership

Faculty Hospital Motol participates in the following groups…

Specialised Groups

Muscle diseases
Peripheral Nerve Disease
Motor Neuron Disease
Neuromuscular Junction Defects

Cross Cutting Specialised Groups

Neuromuscular Imaging
Neuromuscular Pathology

Advisory Boards

Faculty Hospital Motol is registered with the Care and Trial Site Registry

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