RDR Challenges Networking Event

3 March 2020

The innovative “Rare Diseases Research (RDR) Challenges” call will be implemented to facilitate and fund collaboration between industry, academia, SMEs, and patient organizations to solve specific research challenges in rare diseases.

In order to initiate exchanges and/or formation of collaborative consortia of applicants to the call, this Networking Event has been organized in which the challenges will be presented and pre-arranged bilateral/multilateral networking meetings will be organized between potential applicants (academia, SMEs, patient organizations) and the involved industry partners that identified the challenges.

Summary information on the RDR Challenges Call
The RDR Challenges call will be launched in March 2020.

It foresees selection, evaluation and funding of projects in a 2-stage process. Challenges must be solvable in a short time period of 30 months with first milestones/deliverables at M18.

The total budget of 1.5 Mio€ funding from the European Commission allows for 4 projects to be funded (375 000 € per project).

The involved industry partners who identified a challenge will join the consortium of applicants once selection is made by the SEC and will co-fund (in cash and in kind) the granted project.

Deadline for the registration is 31 January 2020.



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