Mitochondrial Diseases Conference 2022

7 – 9 October 2022

Mitochondrial diseases are very complex disorders, still little known by the scientific community, with multi-system manifestations and different ages of onset, ranging from infancy to adulthood. In recent years, giant steps have been taken in the study of the basic mechanisms involved in these diseases and we have finally moved from diagnosis to the study of possible treatments.

The conference has contributed to this process by gathering the entire community of Italian doctors and researchers around the association of patients and helping to strengthen international partnerships and collaborations, making the whole community grow together and contributing to sharing knowledge and research progress.

The conference is hybrid with both face-to-face and online participation (online participation will be possible only for October 7 and 8). The scientific sessions will be entirely in English to facilitate the participation of doctors and researchers from all over the world, promoting international exchange and collaboration, crucial to fight together against mitochondrial diseases. Simultaneous translation into Italian will be provided.

Mitocon is the Italian leading non-profit mitochondrial diseases patients organization striving to advance research towards finding a cure. Encouraging collaboration and the exchange of knowledge within the scientific community is our priority.

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