25th Summer School of Myology

12 – 16 June 2023

Venue: Institut de Myologie, Bâtiment Babinski, La Salpêtrière Hospital, 50-52, Bd Vincent Auriol, Paris 13.

Date:    Monday, June 12, 2023 (10 am) – Friday, June 16, 2023 (6pm).

Target audience: physicians or scientists, preferably junior, expressing some interest in basic myology and/or in neuromuscular disorders. PT, OT, nurses, clinical research assistants, industry employees are also welcome.

Topics: basic myology – muscular dystrophies – spinal muscular atrophies and hereditary neuropathies – congenital muscular dystrophies – congenital myopathies – metabolic myopathies – myasthenic syndromes – chanellopathies – cardiomyopathies – genetic counselling – management and novel therapies.

Format (hybrid):


Face-to-face, intensive 5-day course (10.00 am – 6.00 pm). Jue 12-16, 2023


              – Morning session: 3-4 lectures by experts of the field.

              – Afternoon session: Interactive workshops (case studies, muscle imaging, myogenetics…)


Online via the AcadeMYO platform

– 3 afternoons live sessions on Monday 12, Wednesday 14, Friday 16. (2pm-6pm)

Number of participants:  40-50 max (face to face), illimited (on-line).

Certificate and Credits: a certificate of attendance will be delivered provided the delegate fills in the an evaluation form.

Faculties: mainly from the Institut de Myologie of Paris and a few from abroad.

Scientific committee: J. Andoni Urtizberea, Norma B. Romero, Gisèle Bonne, Teresinha Evangelista, Gorka Fernandez, Nur Vilar-Quiles, Jorge Bevilacqua.

Official language: English.

Registration fee:

Covers all teaching materials including:

  • 65 pre-recorded lectures accessible via the AcadeMYO platform
  • PDF of the slides displayed during face-to-face sessions


Regular fee: face-to-face (EUR 500, a special fee of 1,200 EUR applies to Industry staff). Online version (EUR. 200).


An additional but optional fee will be requested for the Get Together (10 EUR per person, 30 EUR for accompanying persons).


Registration & payment:

Applications need to be validated first by the Scientific Committee.

To that end, contact Prof. J. Andoni URTIZBEREA and send him your CV.



Next, validated applications and fee payment will be processed through the AcadeMYO platform.


Andoni.urtizberea@gmail.com or s.miffre@institut-myology.org

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