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Prof. Peter-Bram ‘t Hoen is the chair of Bioinformatics and Head of the Center for Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics (CMBI), Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences at Radboud University Medical Center Nijmegen.

Peter-Bram ‘t Hoen’s research group develops computational approaches that exploit molecular -omics data in combination with clinical data to better understand disease mechanisms and to advance patient diagnosis and stratification for therapeutic and life style interventions.

He is involved in the EURO-NMD registry project and coordinates the ReCognitION project: ReCognitION – Optimistic (


Mail address

CMBI 260
Radboud University Medical Center
PO Box 9101
6500 HB Nijmegen
The Netherlands


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Radboud University Medical Center
Geert Grooteplein Zuid 26-28

route 260, room 0.26
6525 GA  Nijmegen
The Netherlands

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