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  celiasoares@chporto.min-saude  |    +35122 207 7500

Invited Assistant Professor – September 2022-present
ICBAS, Universidade do Porto, Porto, Portugal
Invited Associated Professor – June 2022-present
Universidade de Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal
Medical Genetics Attending Physician– May 2022-present
CHUPorto, Porto, Portugal
Medical Genetics Resident – 2017-May 2022
CHUPorto, Porto
• Visiting scholar (one month period): 2018 – Genomic
Medicine, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Baltimore, USA; 2019 –
Fetal Pathology, Necker Hospital, Paris, France; 2020 –
Ophtalmogenetics, Columbia University Irvine Medical
Center, New York City, USA; 2021 – Ophtalmogenetics,
Institute of Molecular and Clinical Ophthalmology, Basel,
• Principal investigator in clinical research project on carrier
screening in gamete donation and clinical research project
in the characterization of Portuguese patient with PTEN
hamartoma tumor syndrome
• Collaborator in the international efforts to describe new
genetic disorders
General Medicine Resident – 2016
Hospital de Braga, Braga
PhD Researcher – 2017- present
Clinical and Experimental Human Genomics, Unit for
Multidisciplinary Research in Biomedicine – University of Porto
Board member EduComm – ESHG. Past: PortugueseAmerican Postgraduate Society, European MD/PhD
Association, 4th Meeting of the Portuguese Graduates Abroad,
Young Geneticists Network, Young Committee – ESHG
Teaching Human Genetics to Medicine and Biochemistry
students at ICBAS/Porto and UTAD.
Collaborator at Abreu/Dantas Lab, i3S, Porto

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