Accessing and Using the CPMS

Requesting Access to the CPMS

There are several steps involved before a user can gain access to the CPMS.

In order to request a CPMS profile the user must have an EU Login account and access to the EURO-NMD Collaborative Platform.

Click to watch a Video about requesting a new EU login and how to gain access to the CPMS once you have an EU login

A user should then access the SaaS (Software as a Service) website to request a user profile. There is more detail about requesting access via SaaS on the CPMS Leaflet available via this link.

Once a request has been submitted the CPMS Co-ordinator who will approve the request if it has been submitted correctly. Once approved a profile will be created for the user and email correspondence will be sent to the user.

To keep the CPMS platform as secure as possible it’s required that users must complete two-step authentication when logging into the system.

A user can authenticate using their EU password and one of the following options:

  • Mobile App PIN Code

This option requires the EU Login smartphone app.

  • Mobile App QR Code

This option requires the EU Login smartphone app.

  • Mobile Phone SMS

There is more information on setting up two-step authentication within the CPMS Leaflet

Using the CPMS

Once a user has access to the CPMS it will prompt them to enter their job title and thematic areas before continuing.

Generally, the next option will be to submit a panel or to be invited to a panel. The flowchart below shows the different user roles and their tasks throughout the panel submission process:

The flow chart can be viewed in PDF Format here

There isn’t necessarily a time limit for panels to be closed by, this will be set by a panel lead who will assess the urgency of a case. If the case is urgent then a healthcare professional can select for the panel to be classified as urgent on the Consultation Request. This means that the CPMS will notify those invited to the panel immediately instead of notifying them as part of the daily digest which is only sent once per day.

Training version of the CPMS

There is a training version of the CPMS which is designed to be a replica of the CPMS however the cases submitted on the test version don’t go live. The link for the test version of the CPMS is:

Once you are on the homepage of the test CPMS ensure to click “To use non-eulogin users, click here (test only)” and you will be prompted to enter a username and password.

To receive a username and password please contact the EURO-NMD CPMS Helpdesk:

This will give the opportunity for healthcare professionals to understand the information that is collected on the CPMS and the different features available without having to handle a real patient case.

ERN Database/Registries and the Researcher Role

All data is made available for research when the Panel lead decides to push anonymised data to the research database once the panel has been closed. A new patient ID is generated to the Panel and the nickname is removed. The only information contained on the database is clinical data collected as part of the panel, a small amount of panel admin data and a decision column

as the outcome of the consultation interaction. Data in the ERN database can be exported by authorised researchers in several formats with no identifiable data.

Clinical data in the low accessibility database is made available conditionally dependent on if the patient has consented for information to be shared on ERN Databases/Registries. ERN authorised users will be able to access the research environment in the CPMS to conduct research activities and export data.

A feature of the ERN Database is the Query Builder that allows the user to generate customised reports. Authorised users can access the app by clicking on the ‘Research’ link on the CPMS.

Any Health Professional from the EU that does not belong to an ERN may be given Guest access to the ERN-CPMS system, either to enrol patients or to share his/her expertise.

The default Guest Health Professional is the Expert Guest Health Professional. This Expert can be invited by the Coordinator to participate in a panel, but cannot enrol patients or start panels. This kind of guest access is revoked after 90 days.

There is also the Enrolling Guest Health Professional. These users are assignd a Guest Virtual Centre, in which they enrol their patients and open panels to discuss their cases. This type of account is never revoked, in principle.
To obtain a Guest Access to CPMS there is a two-step procedure:

  1. The guest needs to request a EU login
  2. After receiving the EU login the Guest needs to ask for access to the Coordinator

The Coordinator emails the ERN-CPMS Support Desk by email and asks for the access and Guest Virtual Centre to be created. For the panels created the Coordinator will nominate a Panel lead.

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