15 May 2023

The new session of the MOOC “From Lab to Clinic: Translational Research for Rare Diseases” has been launched today. Learn the fascinating journey of translating research into treatments for Rare Diseases.
With expert guidance, explore drug discovery, clinical trials, regulatory approval, and challenges in this unique field. Gain insights from patients and experts, understand trial planning, design, and data sharing. By the end, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of how evidence is built for safe and effective treatments.
Join now and make a difference in Rare Disease research!

Discover how research is translated into drugs and treatments for RD patients!

On this five-week course from the European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases, you’ll explore the drug development process from the unique perspective of rare diseases.

You will follow the journey from discovery to approved products, learn how therapeutic targets and drug candidates are identified and validated, and examine the special regulatory frameworks.

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