We invite all the members to apply for ERN EURO-NMD endorsement of their educational activities.

The following conditions must be met by endorsement applications:

  • The main organiser or co-organisers must belong to the ERN EURO-NMD
  • The event has to take place in Europe
  • Transnational event (with at least two EU countries)
  • 25% of attendees must be from the EU
  • Content exclusively related to the neuromuscular field (at least part of it)
  • Program validated by Educational Advisory Board of the ERN (following the application process)
  • Non-profit (it is acceptable to generate a surplus as long as this is re-invested in NMD work)
  • Significant number of attendees (over 15)
  • A formal application must be submitted to the EAB (via the below form)
  • A new application must be submitted each time the event takes place, even if there are previous endorsements (yearly events need yearly endorsements, for instance)
  • Subject to final approval by the Exec of the ERN (after Educational Advisory Board aaproval)

In case you have some activity meeting these conditions, please fill the form below (we are happy to answer any doubts through info@ern-euro-nmd.eu)

M. Pedersen CC BY 2.0

Application for endorsement of educational activities by EURO-NMD

The information and photographs you provide us with via this form (where appropriate) may be shown on this website in relevant areas demonstrating the participatory role you are fullfilling as part of the ERN network to world at large. As we back up all our data and systems on a regular basis it will also be securely saved on our server in case we need to recall it. If you would like us to remove all information about you from this website, please contact us at info@ern-euro-nmd.eu

begin and end dates, please

Maximum size 10MB