10 December 2021

EURO-NMD webinars in association with ERN-RND and the European Academy of Neurology

Our three entities have agreed to build a joint webinar programme where the partners would kick-start the thematics closer to their higher expertise. By selecting high-quality scientists and clinicians with a concomitant reputation as communicators, the alliance has come up with well-attended, content-laden webinar communications followed by a discussion with the audience, resulting in highly-motivating teaching tools.

As it would be expectable, EURO-NMD triggered webinars dedicated to Neuromuscular Disorders. Since April 2019, our ERN has produced and published 29 webinars on EURO-NMD’s website and a dedicated YouTube channel. The complete list of all webinars is available both on our website and ERN-RND’s website.


EURO-NMD webinars provide high-quality scientific information with outstanding educational value

The selection of speakers is undoubtedly why the webinars collection stands out for its quality. We have the honour of having frontline researchers and clinicians explain the progress made in characterising, diagnosing and treating rare neuromuscular disorders. We gave way for patients to bring on their perspective, a trend we want to increase for future webinars. The Educational Board of EURO-NMD, in collaboration with the Patient Advisory Board, will bring an essential contribution towards that goal both by listening to patients’ testimonials and also by providing plain-language summaries of the more complex technological advances for the general public and patients’ teaching materials, such as videos and leaflets.


The thematic grouping of EURO-NMD webinars

Another improvement from the Educational Board oversight is grouping webinars by themes to prepare their aggregation in teaching modules with potential re-use in a Moodle platform under development. The latter will be later part of the “ERN Academy” platform planned by the European Commission, a repository of Rare Diseases teaching materials that will enhance healthcare professionals’ access to specialised information on Rare Diseases.


In February 2022, we will have a thematic month of the mitochondrial disorders with 3 webinars:

  1. An introduction into mitochondrial diseases in adulthood

Prof. Cornelia Kornblum – Bonn University/Universitary Clinic of Bonn

  1. Primary mitochondrial myopathies

Prof. Michelangelo Mancuso – University of Pisa & AOUP, Italy

  1. Targeted Therapies for Leigh Syndrome: Systematic Review and Steps Towards a “Treatabolome”

Prof. Rita Horvath, University of Cambridge, Cambridge Rare Diseases Centre, UK

Antonio Atalaia, Clinical Advisor ERN EURO NMD


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