12 January 2023

The development of new therapeutic concepts for rare diseases and the understanding of the causes and mechanisms of neuromuscular diseases are the subject of numerous funding from the AFM-Téléthon through its annual calls for proposals. Each year, the Association supports more than 200 research projects and young researchers (doctoral and post-doctoral fellows). Funding requests must be submitted through the online web portal according to the calendar

AFM Téléthon (France) launches a scientific call for proposals for 2023, open both to French and foreign teams. The aim is to support:

  1. Fundamental Research and Physiopathology of Diseases of the Neuromuscular System
  2. Development of Innovative Therapeutic Approaches for Rare Genetic Diseases

More information here (PDF)

Along with this call, AFM Téléthon also launches a medical research call in neuromuscular disorders, having various topics of interest (patients’ management/paramedical care, neonatal screening projects, E-Health and information technologies, assessment of new evaluation criteria, natural history of disease and/or epidemiological studies).

Multiple types of financing are available. More information here (PDF)


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