15 June 2021

ENMC has started a new initiative of “Themed Workshops”.

Due to the fact that we are facing a new period after Covid-19 and because of the urgency to learn from this pandemic, the ENMC proposes this year the following theme: “Post-Covid-19 issues and opportunities for the neuromuscular field”. The sub-title is: “Learning experiences from the Covid-19 pandemic regarding neurological, psychological, immunological, social, economic, technical etc. aspects for neuromuscular patients in self-isolation and SARS-CoV-2 infected people who developed neuromuscular signs and symptoms”.

 We know there are already many individual initiatives ongoing, but it may be the right time and place to bring these together and join forces, also with Covid-19 experts outside the NMD field. People may show their interest by applying for this specific 2021 Themed Workshop following the regular ENMC Application Guidelines and the Addendum which focuses on this Post-Covid-9 call.

Please read on their website (News – ENMC ) about this additional kind of ENMC workshops and about the first application call on:

“Post-Covid-19: Issues and opportunities for the neuromuscular field!”



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