15 June 2021

The International Myositis Society (iMyoS) has been established in 2019. The main goal of the Society are:

  • Support the development and harmonization of diagnostic criteria & standards of care for myositis and help to implement those in all other international & national societies including, but not limited to AAN, EULAR, ACR, EAN, ERN EURO-NMD, ERN ReCONNET, MYOSITIS-NETZ, Euromyositis, CARRA, PRES JDM etc.
  • Foster the education of myositis specialists and promote inter-disciplinary curricula and fellowship programs
  • Increase international awareness of myositis, promote funding and provide key contacts for funding bodies and other stake holders including NIH, EU-Horizon2020, ERN, ESF, FOREUM etc.
  • Provide support for the local organizing committee of the international myositis meeting (global conference on myositis, GCOM), which takes place every two years

The present board of directors are: Jens Schmidt (Neurologist, chair), Peter Korsten (Rheumatologist, vice-chair), Sabrina Zechel (Neuropathologist, Secretary), Silke Schlüter (Patient representative, Treasurer).

The ERNs are co-funded by the
European Union (Health Programme and CEF)

EU Commission

“EURO-NMD is one of the 24 European Reference Networks (ERNs) approved by the ERN Board of Member States. The ERNs are co-funded by the European Union (Health Programme and CEF).
For more information about the ERNs and the EU health strategy,
please visit ec.europa.eu/health/ern