ERICA WP5-Translation and Innovation

This work program covers the translational and innovative aspects of clinical research and hence will liaise with biotech and pharma to promote the potential of ERNs for the conduct of clinical trials in the rare disease field.

This WP aims to support the process of translating the discoveries made in the clinic and laboratory into new diagnostic and therapeutic interventions for rare diseases. This process is highly complex, costly and time-consuming, with high failure rates. Successful translation requires both interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral collaboration, as well as access to cutting edge analytical technologies, preclinical models and assays, and bio-samples and data. In light of foregoing, WP5 has as its objective to support the ERNs’ collective ability to develop knowledge into patient benefit.

The first educational webinar “Current Research Services Available to the Rare Disease Community” was held this month as part of ERICA’s Translation and Innovation WP5. The webinar is now available online on this link here !

We remind to our ERN community about the survey on research and educational needs that will be available on this link and will close here by the end of november.

The ERNs are co-funded by the
European Union (Health Programme and CEF)

EU Commission

“EURO-NMD is one of the 24 European Reference Networks (ERNs) approved by the ERN Board of Member States. The ERNs are co-funded by the European Union (Health Programme and CEF).
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