Children’s Clinical University Hospital

Children’s Clinical University Hospital is located in Riga and consists of two institutional complexes, one in Tornakalns district, Vienibas gatve 45, and the other in Jugla district – Juglas street 20. The hospital is the only super specialty pediatric health care institution in Latvia. Every year more than 30,000 patients are treated on an in-patient basis and more than 160,000 receive out-patient medical care services. The hospital’s vision is to ensure high quality and safe health care services for children, developing multi-profile and emergency as well as child-friendly medical care, medical education and research implementing 6 Sigma (LEAN) principles for patient flow and better human resources planning.

The hospital provides State-funded health care services to children at the out-patient clinic (outpatient department, multifunctional building) along with emergency and critical care services. We also provide optional paid services. Medical technologies and treatment results comply with EU state results. Both hospital institutions ensure health care services for disabled people.

James Armitstead a wealthy industrialist and a trader, willed 200.000 gold rubles for the greater benefit of Riga City’s society. Riga City decided to establish a children’s hospital from these funds. On 2nd October 1899 Riga City Children’s Hospital “James Armitstead” in Tornakalns was opened to the general public. At that time it had 116 beds. Ambulance services were established simultaneously. 


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