The Basics & Beyond Workshop in clinical epidemiological research for ERNs

30 September 2021

Research on rare conditions can be a great challenge, both practical and methodological. To counteract small study populations with a rare disease, large, collaborative, international datasets and registries are currently being erected for multiple disease groups. Analyzing, and subsequently drawing conclusions based on these datasets requires knowledge of the appropriate epidemiological techniques. In this workshop, we will provide participants with the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to perform clinical epidemiological analyses appropriate for the emerging landscape of European, and ERN based large datasets.

Face to face workshop with a small group (20-25) of European specialists with specific interest in Clinical Research with databases.
It will consist of both presentations by experts in the field of Epidemiology as well as a feedback session on the research projects of participants. Suggestions for cross-ERN scientific studies will be discussed and start-ups will be encouraged during the event.

To enable clinical researchers of all career stages to plan, perform and analyze large datasets in an appropriate manner, taking into account characteristics of research in rare diseases.


Hotel Golden Tulip Leiden Centre, Schipholweg 3, 2316 XB Leiden, The Netherlands

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