2019 Semi-Annual Board members meeting

Registration for our first semi-annual board meeting is now open. We would look forward to seeing as many EURO-NMD Board, Executive Committee and Patient Advisory Board Members as possible in Paris and encourage you to register to attend as soon as possible to help us with meeting logistics.

Friday, July 19th 2019, starting at 10.30am, finishing at 4.30pm Paris time

Once we have our meeting agenda established we will make it available here.

The Auditorium at the Institute of Myology in Paris, at the La Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital grounds, upper ground floor of the Babinski building, Métro n° 6, stop Chevaleret

Download a map of the hospital grounds

Travel Allowance:
An allowance of upto €200 is available for each participant (one from each HCP) to help with travel and connection costs.

Please note:
Only Recognised Board Members, Executive Committee Members and Patient Organisation Members are eligible to register and claim their travel allowance. EURO-NMD’s administrative staff will regularly monitor our reservation systems to ensure that this is adhered to.

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