When requesting access to the CPMS what are the different roles?
There are different roles on the CPMS which offer different accesses and features. The list below explains each role:

This is the standard access profile for doctors, nurses and professionals regulated in healthcare activities.
The HP role means you have access to enroll patients and see all patients enrolled within your Healthcare provider.
You will need to request HP access if you wish to access the coordinator or dispatcher roles.

This role is designed for the ERN Coordinator, however it may be the case that more than one member of an ERN may be required to become a Coordinator.
The coordinator engages in activities such as forwarding panels and handling access requests.
A Coordinator also has access to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) .

This role delegates one task of a Coordinator, in particular the handling of requests for assistance from other ERN Members to the ERN Coordinator. A Dispatcher is able to handle these requests on behalf of the Coordinator so a clinical background is preferred ; other than having the authority to delegate tasks this role is almost identical to the HP role.
Dispatchers do not have access to KPIs.

A Researcher doesn’t take part in panels and for this role it isn’t crucial to be a healthcare professional.
The researcher role allows access to anonymised data in order to create reports and analyse data.
Last Updated: 24 Jan 2019
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