How do I open a panel on CPMS?
To enrol a patient and open a panel click on “Centre” which will redirect you to your HCP’s specific page. If you wish to enrol a new patient then click “Enrol Patient” alternatively if you wish to view existing cases for your HCP then select “Patient List”.
By selecting “Enrol Patient” this will take you to an online consultation form. You will also be required to complete the level of consent that the patient has provided: Consent for Care is the minimum level of consent required. However, a patient may also give consent for ERN databases/registries where their data will be stored by the ERN. A patient may also consent to contact for research which means they are happy to be contacted about future research projects (i.e. clinical trials).
Once you have done this select “Enrol Patient” you will come back to your dashboard; the patient can now be viewed on the Patient List and also by searching for the patient. From here you will be able to open a new panel for the patient and opt for a nickname for the patient to make it easier to find their record. You will be required to select a description of the panel and the reason for the creation of the panel, furthermore you will also need to select the ERN most closely linked with the case and the thematic area. Once you have done so you can select the panel lead (which can be modified at a later date).
Last Updated: 24 Jan 2019
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