How do I access the CPMS?
There are a number of steps in order to gain access to the CPMS which are detailed below:


You will require access to the following systems in order to gain
access to CPMS:
  • EU Login
  • SAAS
  • European Collaborative Platform


    First of all, you will need to create an EU login . If you don’t already have access to an EU login you can create an account online via
    You will then need to enter basic personal information such as your name and email address.


    Next, you will be required to request access to CPMS through the SAAS (Software as a Service) system . You can do so by going onto the CPMS home screen at .
    You will then need to log in using your EU login which you have set up. Then select “Request access” and you will be brought to a new page which features a drop down box. Select “CPMS” and then “select an organisation” and choose the ERN you wish to be part of then click the open button beside it.
    Select your organisation’s country and then the open button again. Once you have done that, choose your Healthcare Provider or Guest Access and this will bring you to the access profile page (more details regarding access profiles is available in this leaflet). Once you have selected your access profile(s) you can
    opt to add a comment if needed and submit the request. An administrator will then need to approve your request.


    Before you gain access to CPMS you must ensure you have also registered to be part of the Collaborative Platform on
    You must request access to your relevant ERN and also set your Healthcare Provider or else you will not be able to access CPMS as the system will not be
    able to match your profile.


    You can log into CPMS through the main homepage: . Select “Login via EU Login”.
    Once entering your login details you will come to a screen similar to this. Which features a drop down box to give you the option of how you would like to authenticate yourself:

  • EU Login Mobile App PIN Code

  • First of all, you will need to access your EU Login account so that you can add a mobile device. Once logged in select “My Account” and then “Manage my Mobile Numbers”. Add your mobile phone number and you will then receive an SMS message which contains an authentication code (This can take several minutes to arrive). Enter this code into the “challenge code” box and then click sign in.
  • EU Login Mobile App QR Code
  • You will need to register a device onto your EU login account by selecting “Manage my Mobile Devices” and then “Add a mobile device”. Name your device and make a 4-digit pin then once you have submitted this you will be presented with a QR code. Download the EU Login app from your smartphones app store and when you open the app make sure you select to activate the camera. Scan the QR code and enter the pin and this will be successful.
  • Mobile + SMS
  • For this option you will need to enter you mobile phone number on the EU log in page. Then all you need to do is enter the PIN code which will be sent to you via SMS text.

    Please note: You only need to select one of the methods shown above to access the CPMS

    Please also see the attachments for further information if required
    Last Updated: 24 Jan 2019
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