Maria Judi Molnar

Maria Judit Molnar MD, PhD, Professor of neurology, psychiatry, clinical genetics, doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences is the director of Semmelweis University’s Institute of Genomic Medicine and Rare Disorders, the member of the Committee of Orphan Medicinal Products of the EMA. Among others she is the president of the Hungarian Medical College of Clinical Genetics, past president of the Hungarian Human Genetic Society, Co- Chair of the Neurogenetic Scientific Panel of the EAN, secretary of the Hungarian Society of Personalized Medicine. She was the vice-rector for Scientific Affairs at Semmelweis University (Budapest, Hungary) between 2012 and 2015. Dr. Molnar is recognized as a leading expert on the management of rare neurological disorders. The Institute leaded by her is the part of the European Reference Network (ERN) Rare Neurological Disorders (RND) and Neuromuscular Disorders (NMD). Dr. Molnar is the member of the management board of the ERN-RND, she is the president of the Hungarian Node of the BBMRI ERIC, Europe largest biobank network.

Maria Judi's Network Involvement

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