Poster Example

One abstract per healthcare provider/organisation will be accepted.

We ask you to focus on the one unique aspect of your work as an HCP that you really would like others in the ERN to be aware of.

Abstracts need to be a maximum of 2000 characters in length.

Please remember that if your abstract is accepted, then you will be required to produce a digital version of a poster which will be projected at various times througout the day.

With this in mind we ask you to complete the abstract submission form below. The form also asks for information about the main author (generally the person who will be attending the meeting and can talk about the poster) this is so delegates can easily identify the person they need to speak to about what they have seen projected.

Abstracts  and posters will be made available online and by submitting your abstract here you are giving us you permission to do this.

Abstract Submission is now closed.